Talkapolis CEO John Bransford Busted with Meth at Company HQ

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On Valentines Day at 2 PM, MNPD entered the offices of Talkapolis in Nashville to investigate an anonymous drug complaint. They would find crystal methamphetamine throughout the office, and take the CEO/Founder John Bransford, 62, into custody.

When detectives walked through the open front door of the business, drug paraphernalia was seen sitting on the office desk of the owner John Bransford, who consented to a search of his person and signed a consent to search form for his business. On his person was found a metal vial in his shirt pocket containing methamphetamine, along with two separate plastic baggies of meth in his coat pocket.

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A baggie containing meth was found in John Bransford’s briefcase on his desk chair. Another baggie containing meth was found on top of his trash can by his desk. A digital scale was located in the safe under his desk with meth residue on it.

He told detectives that Talkapolis was his business and was open to the public “24/7”. He admitted that the substance was methamphetamine and it tested positive for methamphetamine. Other drug paraphernalia was located throughout the business.

Bransford was charged with possession with intent, and paraphernalia charges, and a $21,000 bond was set. He was released via the pre-trial program to his Vaughn St home near Cleveland Park. He will appear in court on 02/26/2018.

There is currently an eviction lawsuit still in process from their previous office space:

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