When Gays Go Wild! Verbal spat turns into $4,000 rage over cheating: Oren Reece #Arrested

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Oren Reece went into a ‘rage’ over infidelity, damaged his boyfriend’s iPhone X, and iPad Pro, 2 flatscreens, and multiple walls, & more, totaling $4,060 in damages.

On Saturday morning, just before 3 AM, MNPD responded to the Gossett on Church apartments downtown, where Dylan ‘Fletch’ Brown resides. According to a police report, Brown and his boyfriend who was visiting, Oren Reece, had gotten into a verbal argument over cheating, when Reece began throwing Brown’s things about the apartment.

Brown (L) & Reece (R)

In Oren Reece‘s rage, he damaged:

  • 42″ Vizio TV ($700)
  • 55″ Element TV ($700)
  • iPhone X ($1,000)
  • iPad Pro ($1,000)
  • Apple TV ($130)
  • Decorative Lamp ($30)
  • Sheetrock through apartment ($500)

The only damage was to physical property, and Oren Reece was booked into custody on felony vandalism charges. He bonded out on a $6,000 bond via Grumpy’s to his Clarksville address. He will appear in court on 03/05/2018.

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