All the Ketamine: Mason Lanius & Margaret (Addie) Moor #Arrested

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Ketamine. THC Wax. Marijuana. Cocaine. Ecstasy. Ketamine. Xanax. Adderall. Scales. Cash. A loaded 357 (stolen), and did we mention Ketamine? That’s some of what was found in a search conducted yesterday at Apartment 420 in a Nashville apartment complex.

Mason Lanius & Margaret (Addie) Moor were arrested late Monday night as the result of a knock and talk, which provided probable cause for a search warrant. CSU detectives conducted a knock and talk at an apartment number 420 in Nashville. Upon knocking on the door police were greeted by Margaret (Addie) Moor who was named in a previous narcotics complaint. Upon opening the door, police say they smelled the odor of marijuana coming from inside the residence. Ms. Moor denied police consent to search the residence so a search warrant was applied for and granted.

Addie Moor

Mason Lanius was present inside of the residence at the time. During the execution of the search warrant police discovered:

  • 66 g THC wax
  • 29 g marijuana
  • 0.7 g ketamine in Moor’s bedroom
  • 0.8 g ketamine in the kitchen (black bag)
  • 1.3 g cocaine (Moor)
  • 1 ecstasy pill (Moor)
  • 1 xanax pill (in safe)
  • 1 adderall (in safe)
  • Ruger 357 (stolen)
  • multiple scales
  • marijuana pipes
  • $2,065 cash (Moor)
  • 0.4 g ketamine (Mason’s wallet)
  • 1.6 g ketamine (Mason’s vehicle)
  • small bags (Mason’s vehicle)
  • digital scale (Mason’s vehicle)
  • $1,365 cash (on Mason)
Mason Lanius

All of the ketamine was bagged into smaller individual bags, and all the cash was in smaller mixed denominations, both consistent with narcotics sales, say police.

Mason, who has felony drug charges pending with the grand jury in Williamson County was charged with felony possession with intent (SCH III), and drug paraphernalia. A bond of $10,250 was posted for him.

Moor faces felony drug charges for (SCH VI), (SCH III), possession, possession w/intent (SCH II), possession of a weapon in a felony, and theft (of the weapon). A Bond of $72,750 was posted for her, to the address of her parents million dollar estate by the Hillwood Country Club. According to her LinkedIn profile, Addie Moore is an analyst at Elmington Capital Group.. She recently graduated from Belmont with an International Business & Accounting double major.

Both defendants were bonded out at the same time and released just after 4 AM Tuesday morning, via AB Bonding, and will appear in court on 04/06/18.


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