Booster Busted by a Broken Tail Light: Lawanda Dashay Givans Arrested.

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Just before 11PM Wednesday night, one of Nashville’s most wanted boosters was picked up on 9 outstanding warrants, many of which were felonies, all because she was riding in car with a broken tail light – and one new charge. The Exclusive Shopping club just got a little bit smaller.

According to MNPD, Officer Alan Digruttolo stopped the vehicle that Lawanda Givans was a passenger in after he observed it traveling on Charlotte Avenue with no working tail lights on the vehicle. When Officer Digruttolo approached the vehicle, there was an obvious odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. When Officer Stromatt arrived, he also noticed an obvious odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. During a probable cause search of the vehicle, they found loose marijuana in storage spaces inside the front drivers side and passenger side doors. MNPD also found a plastic baggie containing marijuana in the glove box of the vehicle. The total weight of the marijuana came to approximately 4 grams. Ms. Givans was informed of her miranda right and she stated she understood and would answer my questions. Ms. Givans admitted that the marijuana inside the vehicle was hers. Ms. Givans also has nine outstanding warrants and was taken into custody.

#BoosterClub Erikka Nolan Arrested, NEW Warrants for Mason, Givans, & Marsh Issued

She is not the only booster club member that has been taken into custody for being a passenger during a traffic stop. We’ll post more updated on her 10 charges as she appears for them, as it doesn’t look like she’ll be out for quite some time.

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