Dr. Richard Soper assaulted his g/f & got away with it – But we have his text confession

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A Nashville doctor that specializes in addiction & recovery therapy assaulted a girlfriend/employee, and walked away with the charges dropped. We have his private text messages where he admits to the assault, and tells how he would get the charges dropped – and they were. Not only do the texts show him talking about a judge that will get the case dismissed, but they also appear to show him offing to pay the victim to not show up in court. We’re publishing this now, before the records are expunged, and disappear from the court system completely.

Just after his arrest, Dr. Richard Soper, who runs the Center for Behavior Wellness in Nashville, sent the following text to his family:

“Family – Regrets and apologies for the slip earlier this week. It helps to have friends- Called a former Attorney (DA) and Judge. He is taking care of and will make all disappear. Indeed life goes better with friends. My bad and I learned my lesson.

– Namaste “

Screenshot of text, and photo of victim injuries

On February 20th, MNPD responded to a call of two individuals fighting on Chesterfield Ave, the home of Dr. Richard Soper. Upon arrival, contact was made with Dr. Soper and the female victim. The parties were interviewed individually.

Per a sworn affidavit, Soper states that the victim is an ’employee’ of his who lives at his residence. He states that the two have had ‘intimate moments’ in the past. According to his statement, they were arguing because the victim was being picked up my a male at 1AM, and he did not believe it was in her best interested to be picked up by a male that he did not know in those hours of the morning due to her ‘past’. Soper says the two began to verbally argue, and claims that as the argument escalated, the victim punched him in the face. MNPD could not locate any visible injuries or marks on Dr. Soper to substantiate this. Dr. Soper continues that he grabbed the victim by the wrists and ‘escorted’ her out the front door.

(It should be noted the victim is not an ’employee that lives at the residence’ – she is a girlfriend with a 20-page BDSM sex contract with the doctor, which she had no idea what she was signing, and very much in a position she is unable to escape from)

Dr. Richard Soper

According to the sworn statement of the victim, she was ‘thrown’ out the front door, and Dr. Soper pushed her down the front stone steps of the residence. Medics responded to the scene and discovered abrasions on the victim’s arm and back, and her clothes were torn.

It was determined that Dr. Soper was the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence. He posted a $1,000 bond and was out in 12 hours – and last week in general sessions court, the case was dropped.

What the court documents above do not show, is what happened behind the scenes. There are text messages which seem to show that Dr. Soper offered the victim money to not participate in the prosecution, as well as his full admission to the crime.

Below are a set of text messages between a member of Dr. Soper’s family and the victim, which were obtained by East Nashville News.

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