Dru Hughes, 18, arrested w/handgun. You got tazed, bro.

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Dru Hughes, 18, was arrested and charged with drug possession, weapon possession, resisting arrest, and evading arrest on Monday when he was shooting his gun in a residential area and then fled from police – and he’d get tazed in the process.

On 02/26 officers responded to the area of Brickmont Drive for a report of shots being fired in the area. Upon arrival, officers found an individual walking in the street, and conducted a terry stop, and patted him down for safety due to the nature of the call. When an officer attempted to pat Dru Hughes down, he pulled away and took off running.

Verbal commands were given to stop running, but Hughes wasn’t about to stop. He continued to run, thinking he could escape from all of the MNPD, at which point an officer witnessed his hands going to his waistband area. Officer Burns pulled his taser, gave a warning, and when there was no response, the officer deployed his taser, stopping Hughes immediately in his tracks.

While Hughes was going to the ground due to the electricity from the taser going through his body, a loaded 9mm handgun fell from his person and skidded on the concrete to the right of Hughes and within reach. The firearm was kicked away and Hughes was taken into custody.

At the time of arrest, 2.25 grams of marijuana were also located on Hughes person. He was transported to the hospital due to being tazed and abrasions from the fall. He was charged with drug possession, weapon possession, resisting arrest, and evading arrest. He will appear in court on 03/09/18.

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