He threw friend chicken & punches, She threw hot sauce. Lamar Freeman #Arrested

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On Tuesday, at around 5:30 PM, Lamar D. Freeman was on 23rd Ave N. when he saw his child’s mother driving toward him. She pulled over to talk to him about getting in contact with their daughter, at which point he began cussing at her and threw fried chicken a her car, according to a police affidavit.

The victim then threw a bottle of hot sauce at the Freeman, who then threw the bottle back at her car, breaking the front passenger window and denting the door. The victim states after Freeman threw the bottle at her car, she exited her vehicle and the he “walked up on her”. In order to prevent him from attacking her, she pushed Lamar Freeman back and then he then hit her with a closed fist in the face, busting her lip and breaking her glasses.

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Officers observed injury to the inside of the victim’s lower lip while on the scene. At that time, the victim and the suspect went their separate ways. Officers did observe a dent in the door and hot sauce all over the side of the car.

Freeman was arrested on assault and vandalism charges, and will appear in court on 03/26/2018.

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