James Cox arrested with ‘Grey Death’ drug in Nashville

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James B Cox, III, was arrested on Thursday after he left his vehicle unattended in a gas station parking lot, and an officer stopped to investigate. He was found to have ‘Grey Death’ in his possession – which is a newer street drug combination of heroin, meth, cocaine, and often carfentanil and other narcotics.

Just before 4 AM Thursday morning, James Cox pulled into the Speedway at 2600 Gallatin Pk and left his red Pontiac G6 running and unattended. After a stop was conducted, MNPD reports a smell of marijuana was noticed emitting from his person and from within the vehicle. During a pat-down and search of his person a suspicious object was felt in the groin area of his pants, according to Officer Christopher Davis.

When asked, Cox stated that it was marijuana. Upon retrieval, a plastic baggie containing a baggie of 18.7 grams marijuana, a baggie containing .7 grams of a gray powdery substance, and 1 Xanax pill was retrieved from inside his pants. A digital scale was discovered hidden under the center console inside the vehicle. Under Miranda the defendant said the gray powdery substance was gray death, a mixture of drugs, including heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. The amounts and different types of narcotics along with the digital scale are known to police to be consistent with the sales and distribution of illegal narcotics, says the MNPD in a court document.

Cox is charged with Possession SCH1 ($5K Bond), Possession SCH VI ($4K Bond), paraphernalia ($500 bond), and another possession charge (xanax) with a $500 bond. He will appear in court on 04/02/18.

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