Jason Isabel Instagrammed his ex’s nudes to her children & the world #RevengePorn #Arrested

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Jason Isabel is a 36 year old ‘bounty hunter’ according to his online presence. He was arrested overnight in Nashville for ‘booty’ rather than ‘bounty’.

Jason Isabel had been in a romantic relationship with the victim, but have since broken up. During the relationship, the victim had sent him a sexual nude image of herself to Isabel, of her and her buttocks, with her anus exposed. She sent it with the understanding that it would remain private between them and not shown to others.

After the break-up, Jason Isabel began text messaging the victim repeatedly in a harassing manner, and threatened to send out intimate images of the victim to other people. Eventually, he used his instagram account to send the image referenced above to several people, including the victim’s adult daughter, 15 year old son, and 14 year old daughter.

Jason Isabel has been charged with ‘Unlawful Exposure’ and is currently held on a $5,000 bond.

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