John Dee, 31, Charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (75+ Images/Videos)

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John Nicholas Dee, 31, was arrested after police found over 75 photos & videos of minors engaged in sexual acts in his possession.  

Per an MNPD affidavit, while investigating allegations of sexual videos of minors stored in a Dropbox account, a search warrant was obtained for the John Dee’s residence on 15th Ave. South.

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Dective Robert Carrigan (MNPD-Sex Crimes-Internet Crimes Against Children) executed that search warrant on 02/22/2018 and found the defendant present at the residence. The defendant’s personal cell phone was found on the coffee table in the living room. A manual preview search of that device found his Google account profile ( already logged into, so that the defendant’s Google Drive and Google Photos were easily accessible to be viewed by simply tapping those icons from the application menu.

There were approximately 55-60 sexual images of minors and approximately 25-30 sexual videos of minors found in those locations. Those included the forced vaginal/penile rape of a young toddler as well as young elementary aged girls performing fellatio on males. Other images showed nude or partially nude young pre-pubescent females in sexual poses or positions that showed the lascivious exhibition of their breasts, buttocks, and/or genitalia.

John Dee is charged with: Sexual Exploitation of a Minor – 51 to 100 items (TCA 39-17-1003*2) and free on a $25,000 bond. He will appear in court this week, on 03/09/18.

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