Justin Cade arrested, stolen handgun off the street.

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Justin Cade, 22,  was arrested in the early hours of 03/01, after being caught attempting to break into a vehicle, and with a stolen gun.

MNPD responded to a call of two individuals attempting to break into a vehicle, the victim stated one individual was wearing a white-colored hoooide, and while chasing the one of the suspects, officers came upon Justin Cade in a light gray hoodie walking in the area.

Upon making contact, Cade was putting his hands in and out of his hoodie, causing alarm for the officers. When he finally raised his hands in the air and the hoodie was searched, a handgun was located in the hoodie pocket. Justin Cade resisted arrest by straightening his arms to prevent them from being placed behind his back to be cuffed. After a brief struggle, he was placed into custody by MNPD.

The handgun returned as stolen from a home in Gallatin, TN. Cade was charged with theft of property, possession of a handgun, and resisting arrest. Cade posted a $5,000 bond via Brooke’s Bail Bonding, and will appear in court on 03/13/2018.

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