Lauren Green Tases Boyfriend when he tries to leave

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Lauren Green blocked the door & tased her boyfriend when he tried to leave the residence in an effort to defuse an argument between them. She was arrested for assault.

On Tuesday 03/22, MNPD responded to a domestic dispute in the overnight hours between Lauren Green and her boyfriend. Police arrived and interviewed both parties individually. According to the boyfriend, he and Green were in a verbal argument earlier, and he had “had enough” of it, and decided to leave the residence. His girlfriend, Green, blocked the door so he could not leave and refused to move. He attempted to reach around her and open the door anyways, at which time she grabbed him by the shirt, pulled out her taser, and began to shock him with it. While being shocked he was able to push Lauren Green out of the door and lock her outside so she would not be able to continue tasing him.

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MNPD viewed multiple red welts on his chest and right rib cage. Lauren Green’s account of the incident matched completely, and she was taken into custody as she admitted to the assault. On a search incident to arrest, she also had clonazepam pills on her without a prescription, so was additionally charged with possession in addition to assault.

She posted a $5,000 bond via Brooke’s and will appear in court on 03/26/18.

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