Man breaks into Kelly Osbourne’s Nashville Penthouse Hotel Suite

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Just after 2 AM on Friday morning, MNPD received a call of a burglary in progress from the penthouse suite of the new Holston House by Hyatt Hotel in downtown Nashville. The penthouse suite was occupied by Kelly Lee Osbourne.

Jeffrey Picariello, a guest on the 5th floor of the hotel, took the stairs to the 12th floor where the penthouse was located. He then opened a small hallway window and climbed outside to a balcony. That balcony was connected to the penthouse suite’s balcony, separated by a railing. Picariello jumped the barrier onto the penthouse balcony, and slid open the door and began to enter the penthouse suite, where Kelly Lee Osbourne was with her dog. The dog began to bark, and Kelly stated to police that she heard a noise, and looked to see him entering the penthouse from the private 12th floor balcony.

When officers arrived on the scene of 118 7th Ave N, they found the defendant Jeffrey Picariello being held by hotel security. Picariello was read his rights, and given a chance to talk. His version of events are that he was staying in a 5th floor room and took the stairs to try to go outside to smoke. Picariello stated that “it was easier to go up by stairs than take the elevator down” to go smoke – which makes no sense, unless you were possibly high. And indeed, MNPD did find 4 grams of marijuana and rolling papers in his 5th floor room.

Jeffrey Picariello stated that when he was on the balcony he heard a dog barking and was trying to find his way back to his room when he entered the penthouse suite. He states he made a “horrible mistake” and wished to apologize to Kelly Osbourne. The penthouse suite is otherwise inaccessible  with an elevator key pass. Kelly Osbourne & her brother, Jack Osbourne, were both confirmed to be staying at the Holston House Hotel in Nashville at the time of the incident.

Picariello was charged with aggravated burglary, drug paraphernalia, and possession. He posted a $10,000 bond via Brooke’s Bail Bonding, and will appear in court on 03/26/18.


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