Man steals pizza, eats it while running away, asks cops for a napkin when caught.

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Have you ever stolen an entire pizza, ate it while you were running from police, and ask them for a napkin when they catch up to you? Justin Bowling has.

According to court documents, Justin De’Anthony Bowling entered the Exxon at 1111 Broadway about 11:30 on Monday, and took a whole pizza from the hot case for his lunch. Employees anticipated what he was doing, and warned him to not leave without paying for the pie. As he fled the store, eating the pizza along the way, an employee began to chase him into the parking lot.

In the parking lot, the employee was able to flag down MNPD officers who were able to follow him to the McDonald’s across the street. When officers caught up with Justin Bowling, he asked them for a napkin, as he had finished consuming the entire pizza.

Bowling was taken into custody on a theft charge, and is currently held on a $1,000 bond.

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