MNPD Officer Kicked in Balls Twice by Female, Sent to Hospital

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MNPD Officer Robert D. Fondren had to make an unexpected trip to Metro General Hospital last night, after he was kicked in the testicles, twice.

According to a police affidavit, two other MNPD officers were attempting to place Tanesha Clay under arrest in Nashville late Friday night, but couldn’t quite get her restrained, so they called for a 3rd unit to respond to the scene. That’s when officer Robert D. Fondren arrived to the Hadley Park location an an effort to assist the other two units in getting the female cuffed.

Clay kept saying that she “needed to go home” and that she “had to work in the morning”, while the first two officers struggled to restrain her. Officer Fondren arrived and assisted Officer Reaves in placing cuffs on her. At this point Clay was handcuffed and leaning against the patrol vehicle when she suddenly kicked Officer Robert Fondren in the testicles not once, but twice.

Fondren would later go to Metro General due to the injury. Upon questioning, the defendant denied ever kicking the officer, and requested a supervisor. She was charged with assault on an officer, in addition to resisting arrest and possession charges.


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