Mom speeds into East Middle School, threatens to assault 6th grade student #Arrested

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The end of the school day got wild at both East Middle & Cora Howe School at dismissal in East Nashville on Tuesday. Kanette Campbell, the mother of an 8th grade student, drove reckless in the parking lot, nearly hit students, pushes past a cop, and then threatens a 6th grade student with assault, before she is arrested.

Here’s the officer’s report from MNPD:

“While monitoring dismissal at East Middle school, I observed a gray Nissan Maxima driving at a high rate of speed through the Cora Howe school parking lot next door. The speed limit is 15 mph during dismissal in the school zone. Also, our students wait in the parking lot of Cora Howe for the MTA bus. The Nissan drove past these children and the principal, Mr. Woodall, before continuing across Scott Avenue and then entering (still at a high rate of speed) the driveway/parking lot of East Middle School.”

“In the parking lot, the Nissan nearly hit a car that was backing out of a parking space. All the while, children were still around waiting for rides home. I approached the vehicle at this point and Ms. Campbell exited screaming and yelling about someone trying to fight her 8th grade daughter.”

“I told her to stop her, but she continued past me and began moving towards a group of students. She was continuing to yell and use profanity. Once at the group of students, she began to yell that she was going to beat/fight the 6th grader who was in the group and who was allegedly trying to fight her 8th grade daughter. She continued to ignore my commands to lower her voice and to stop making threats. Her behavior caused a major disruption at school that interfered with our dismissal.”

Kanette Campbell was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and reckless driving, and given a $3,000 bond. She posted bond via Free-At-Last and will appear in court on 04/02/18.

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