Motivated Movers Employee Steals $25,000 Emerald Ring #Arrested

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Christopher (Cody) Carr was arrested on Saturday morning on an outstanding warrant for felony theft over $10K. He claims he discarded a $25,000 emerald ring he stole because he “didn’t think it was worth much”, though he returned several other items of significant value.

Nashville resident Kathryn Stevens contracted with Motivated Movers to help her with a move, and on 02/24, two employees of Motivated Movers Nashville showed up began work at her house. One of those employees was Christopher Cody Carr.

On the following day, Ms. Stevens noticed several of her belongings were missing and filed a report with MNPD. When an officer followed up on the theft report a few days later, Ms. Stevens stated that someone had left a box under her car, which contained some of the items she had reported as missing, as well as some thing that she had not yet noticed were missing. However, an emerald ring, which was worth $25,000 was still missing and had not been returned.

When MNPD interviewed Christopher Cody Carr, he admitted to stealing the items, and stated that he had placed the items in a box under her vehicle to an attempt to return them. When questioned about the $25K emerald ring that was still missing, Carr claims that he discarded it because he did not “think it was worth much” – though it’s not clear why he wouldn’t have just returned it in the box with the other items he took. Carr states that he stole the items to get cash to feed his drug habit.

Cody Carr was charged with felony theft over $10K, and was given a $20,000 bond, which he had no problem making immediately made via Capitol Bonding, and was released withing 3 hours of his arrest.

At this time of his arrest, Carr was out on bond from Wilson County for multiple felony drug charges stemming from a September arrest, for which he is is scheduled to appear in court for on 03/20/18. His next Nashville court date is 04/06/18. He has multiple other prior charges in Wilson county including DUI, driving on revoked, and insurance charges.

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