Nashville Barber Rico Hardy #Arrested: 450 Xanax, Cocaine, & Weed.

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Nashville Barber Rico Hardy was arrested late Wednesday night, with half a gram of cocaine, 5 grams of marijuana and 450 Xanax pills.

Rico Hardy was a passenger in a vehicle parked near W H Davis Dr, when MNPD reports they could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle, and performed a probably cause search. In his right front pocked was .5 grams of a white power substance that tested positive for cocaine, 5 grams of marijuana, and 450 Xanax pills. Upon questioning, Hardy stated that the sells the Xanax pills for $1 each to make money.

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Hardy was booked just after 10 PM, charged with 2 misdemeanor possession counts, and 1 felony possession with intent, of a sch 4 substance. He has a $6,000 bond, and a hearing on 03/23.

Rico Hardy was also recently fined $1,406 in civil penalties & costs, for providing barber services to a customer with an expired license. His TN Barber License expired in May of 2017. He held the rank of Master Barber, and was licensed since 2009.

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