Nashville maid robs multiple wealthy clients: Cynthia Gail Ward #Arrested

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Cynthia G Ward works as a maid in Nashville, and has clients such as doctors and dentists with homes in neighborhoods, as well as clients in Nashville’s skyline buildings, such as the Icon in the Gulch. Late last night, she was taken into custody, as she has been stealing from her clients for many months, and two of them have now filed charges, and the damages are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Had anyone conducted even the simplest of online background checks on the county clerk’s website, or even the FOIL app, they would have noticed that not only is Cynthia Ward a convicted felony, but they would have found theft & criminal Impersonation convictions as recently as 2014. They would have also noticed half a dozen felony motor vehicle burglary charges, felony theft charges, and more than a half dozen felony drug charges, including distribution.

On Tuesday, Cynthia G Ward was hired to clean the residence of a local Dentist. She was cleaning the home when the client’s daughter arrived home from school on Tuesday afternoon. The daughter noticed that Cynthia Ward was moving items from the home, into her personal car in the driveway. The client was alerted and returned home to attempted to retrieve the items from the maid’s car, but was unsuccessful. MNPD was contacted, and it was determined that $7,600 worth of items were missing from the home. As officers were leaving the residence, they saw a vehicle parked at the bottom of the hill, that matched the description give by the victim, and Cynthia Ward was sitting in the driver’s seat, where she was taken into custody. The property was recovered from the defendant’s vehicle.

During her arrest it was determined that Cynthia Gail Ward also had an outstanding warrant for felony theft… of another client’s residence. According to court records, the outstanding warrant was from a client she cleaned for at the Icon Condominiums in the Gulch.

According to that victim, Ward came to clean the condo just after 1PM on a Friday. The victim stated that her husband and she left the apartment to go to a party and the only person that had access to the apartment that day was the defendant. The victim stated that when she got back, a lot of her property was missing from the condo. Some of the items included $150 in cash, a $300 Visa gift card, a Cannon camera, an iPad Mini, a Louis Vuitton planner, and various other items.

The victim stated that the defendant usually only stays one to two hours when cleaning the condo. Detective Ismailovic obtained key card access logs from the Icon Condominiums, at which time it shows that the defendant was in the apartment between 1:26 PM & 7:46 PM, which is over 6 hours. Icon staff stated that the cleaning maids usually only go up once to the apartments and come down once they finished cleaning the apartment. Defendant used her access card four separate times, meaning that she was coming in and out of the building, which is very unusual according to the Icon staff. There is security footage of the defendant carrying a large purse, large enough to conceal the stolen items. Victim stated that the total value of the stolen items is $4,408.22.

Cynthia Ward was currently booked on two counts of felony theft, and posted a $10,000 bond via ‘A Around The Clock’ bonding just after 2 AM this morning and was released to her Hermitage address.

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