Nashville man mail-orders drugs, MNPD delivers the package

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Ashraf Nashed was arrested on Monday evening, after he accepted delivery for drugs he had ordered online from another country – and the MNPD was nice enough to make the delivery to him.

Ashraf Nashed ordered 500 Tramadol pills (schedule IV), from outside the US, and had them shipped to his home address in Nashville. MNPD detectives intercepted the package and made the delivery, which was accepted by the suspect. A search warrant of the residence discovered and additional 1334 Tramadol pills inside Nashed’s vehicle, and a pill cutter, digital scales, and 3 grams of marijuana were located inside the home.

Nashed admitted to ordering the pills, and was taken into custody. He was charged with paraphanelia ($250 bond), possession ($250 bond), and possession with intent SCH IV ($25,000 bond). He bonded out via Free-At-Last and will appear in court on 04/06/18.

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