Nashville mom beats kid over drug use, Arrested for Child Abuse: Rosales Villal Pando.

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A Nashville mother found herself in jail charged with child abuse & assault this weekend, after she found out one of her underage children had used drugs, at which point she beat both him, and his older brother that tried to restrain her.

Rosales Villal Pando discovered that her 15 year old son had been using drugs on Friday 03/09/18. She found out he  was at home instead of school, and her and her 19 year old son returned to the family residence to confront him. According to a police report, when they arrived home, the mother, Rosales Villal Pando, retrieved a leather belt and approached her 15 year old son in his bedroom. He refused to answer questions about his drug usage, or who he was using with.

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At this time, Rosales Villal Pando proceeded to slap the 15 year old with an open hand to his face, and then used the leather end of the belt to hit him in his back. Under miranda, she only admitted to striking her son twice. The older brother witnessed as she was striking the 15 year old with the belt, and stated she was “out of control” and struck him at least six times.

As a result of the strikes, the child had numerous horizontal red marks to the middle of his back, some of which became welts and were swollen. During the altercation, the older brother interviened, and the mother then hit the older brother with the metal buckle end of the belt, assaulting him multiple times before he finally was able to pin her to the bed to get her under control. When he was holding her on the bed to prevent further abuse to the minor child, she bit him on his right wrist, causing bleeding. At this point, a 17 year old sister came into the room and also assaulted the older brother.

Rosales Villal Pando was arrested and charged with Child abuse (9-17), and domestic assault. She will appear in court on 03/20/18.



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  1. gee whiz

    Her home her rules i am on her side..

  2. Kathy

    That is exactly what is wrong with our world today she got arrested for disciplining her child for doing illegal things what kind of message does that send

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