New #BoosterClub Arrests: Melissa Moore & DeMario Taylor

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Melissa Moore & DeMario Taylor were arrested on Thursday at what appears to be the favorite store of Nashville’s #BoosterClub recently – Kohl’s.

The two were observed taking items throughout the store worth $1,149.50, including taking shoes from boxes, athletic, & menswear, and placing them in a cart in preparation to push them out the door without paying. When store security anticipated their plan, MNPD was contacted for assistance.

MNPD was in communication with the store security when DeMario Taylor and Melissa Moore pushed the items out the door, and arrived at the time they were feeling out the front doors of the store to a black 4-door sedan in the parking lot. Police intercepted them as they fled toward the car, and effected an arrest.

Demario Taylor & Melissa Moore were both charged with felony theft. Moore’s bond was set at $2500, and she bonded out via Rader.Though this is only her 3rd arrest in Nashville for theft, she is a suspect in dozens of other cases. Taylor’s bond was set for $3500, and he remains in jail unable to post bond at this time This is his 6th theft case, among many other charges, mostly violent. Next review hearing is set for 03/26/18.

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