Raid nets pound of marijuana, LSD (acid), $10K cash. Kayla Upchurch & Andy Herrera-Aguilar #Arrested

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A Friday morning drug raid in Nashville produced nearly a pound of marijuana, LSD (Acid), $10K in small denominations, vacuum seal bags, latex molding trays, glycerin to make oils, complete with a safe in a home office that was the perfect setup to deal drugs.

Kayla Upchurch & her boyfriend of 8 years, Andy Herrera-Aguilar, live in the home on Louise Drive. They have a home office for which both of them use to both work and play video games, and inside that home office is a safe. That was the focus of a narcotics search warrant served on Friday morning (03/30/18).

During the raid, detectives recovered nearly a pound of marijuana inside the safe in the room used as a home office., empty capsules to be filled with a form of marijuana substance, glycerin to make marijuana oils, latex tray moldings and bees wax for an additive to the oils. While searching the kitchen, detectives located LSD (Acid) in the freezer in a black matchbox. Detectives also located grinders, digital scales, and bongs in the closet near the safe, along with marijuana oils and vapes.

Kayla Upchurch was interviewed, and stated that she had no knowledge that quantity of marijuana was in the home. She also stated that she had no knowledge or took part in the selling of marijuana, even though they live together, and have been dating for 8 years. She would only admit the she occasionally smokes marijuana.

In Andy Herrera’s interview, declined to name where he gets his marijuana from, and would only state that he purchases it for both resale and personal use.

Kayla Upchurch is charged with:

  • Poss.w/int.-Sch.VI (felony, $1250 bond)
  • Paraphernalia (misd,  $250 bond)

Andy Herrera-Aguilar is charged with:

  • Poss.w/int.-Sch.VI (felony, $1500 bond)
  • Manuf. C/S-Sch.VI(felony, $1500 bond)
  • Paraphernalia (misd,  $250 bond)
  • Paraphernalia (misd,  $250 bond)

Both are free on bond, and will appear in court on 04/13/2018.

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