Rambo Sickles steals laptop & essential/CBD Oils from Downtown Chiropractic

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Rambo Sickles, 36, was arrested on an outstanding warrant on Tuesday for felony theft. He was observing a doctor inside Nashville’s Downtown Chiropractic office, and the moment she turned her back, he stepped into her office, and ran out with her laptop computer and essential/cbd oils that were on her desk.

Per an MNPD report, Dr. Walk, was at her office in downtown Nashville when she observed the defendant, Rambo Sickles, outside her office. She turned her back for a minute and when she returned, she noticed her laptop and bottles of oils missing. She observed her laptop and oils in her office before the she observed the suspect in the building. There was no one else in the building at the time. Video surveillance of the suspect was obtained and the suspects identity was determined. The victim positively identified the defendant in the surveillance footage as the same person she observed outside her office just before he laptop was stolen – Rambo Alan Sickles.

When Rambo Sickles was arrested, he was found with a marijuana pipe with residue, along with another glass pipe containing a white powdery consistent with crack cocaine, per the officer’s report.

Sickles is charged with felony theft, and paraphernalia, and has a $4,500 bond, and will have a court appearance on 04/02/18.

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