Sasha Arrington: You got tazed! Kohl’s Shoplifter #Arrested (and #tazed)

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On Wednesday, Sasha Arrington and her friend Leslie Myhand (featured before) had a girls day out ‘shopping’ boosting, and it certainly didn’t end as they expected. When it was all said and done, Sasha Arrington would find herself with metal barbs in her body, getting tazed, and sustaining some minor injuries from the stunning fall to the ground.

Sasha Arrington and Leslie Hyhand were in a Nashville Kohl’s when they filled up multiple carts each and headed toward the fitting rooms. They would try to wear as many clothes as possible, layering them up, and still filling up two additional large bags.

Once they were prepared and properly layered in clothes, and extra bags in hand, they would head toward the front door. What they didn’t know was that the store had already noticed what they were doing, and had police outside ready and waiting, just out of sight. As police saw the two females exit the building with bags in hand, they turned on the blue lights & siren and approached the doors. Police chased after Leslie Myhand, and caught her a shot time later. Sasha Arrington, however, wasn’t giving up quite yet.

Police gave verbal command for Arrington to stop, however she continued to run from police. Officers then gave commands that the taser would be deployed – and when she didn’t stop, that’s exactly what happened. Officers deployed the taser, with a positive outcome, causing Sasha Arrington to immediately stop and fall to the ground. She suffered a head and arm injury from the fall, and was transported to Metro General for treatment before being booked.

Between the 2 bags that Sasha Arrington was carrying, and the clothes on her person, she had a total of $1169 in stolen items and was charged with felony theft and evading arrest. Leslie Myhand made out with $888 worth of merchandise on her person and is charged with evading, theft, and criminal impersonation as she refused to give her correct identity.

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