Shondrai McMillian assaults boyfriend w/knife – #Arrested #CayceHomes

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Officers responded to a ‘male stabbed’ call from Cayce Homes in East Nashville on Friday night. The initial call came from a 911 call where a male simply gave the address and hung-up, followed by a second call from the same address stating that a male had been stabbed. When officers arrived they observed blood on the front steps of the residence.

Inside the home, officers would find Shondrai McMillian and her boyfriend, the victim. He was inside the bedroom with something covering his left arm injury. His initial statement was that he was simply arguing with his girlfriend Shondrai, and he cut his arm on the corner of something when she pushed him.

However, there was a witness at the residence that stated while Shondrai was arguing with her boyfriend, she retrieved a knife and held it up at her boyfriend, the victim. The witness reports that Shondrai McMillian then pushed the victim with the knife still in her hand, and the knife cut him, leaving a 1.5″ cut, which required stitches, per medics on site.

McMillian was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and was released just before 7 AM, after the required 12 hour domestic violence hold. She posted a $10,000 bond via R & Sons Bonding. She will appear in court on 04/02/18.

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