#TaxSeason: Mom steals daughter’s tax refund, goes on spending spree

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Myra Crooks is currently in jail on a $3500 bond, for stealing her daughters income tax refund debit card, and going on a shopping spree.

On 3/10/2018, the victim called police and notified them that her Turbo Tax debit card had been stolen from her purse inside her home in East Nashville. The victim stated that the defendant, who is her mother – Myra Crooks, was in her apartment earlier in the day and would’ve had access to her purse when she wasn’t around. She also stated that her mother has a history of stealing from the family due to her drug addiction. The mother recently stole the victim’s television and pawned it for cash, too.

The victim checked and found out that the card had been used at an ATM at 499 Davidson Street for $205.00. It was also used three times that day at Family Dollar, 600 Shelby Avenue for $38.43, $67.33, and $25.33. The victim cancelled the card. A short time after cancelling it, the card was attempted to be used at the Love’s Truck Stop, 130 West Trinity Lane. That transaction was declined.

The victim confronted her mother about the card. She denied stealing the card and denied using the card. The following day, the victim’s grandmother, who is the suspect’s mother, Irene Greet, asked the suspect if she took the victim’s card. She denied taking or using the card.

On 3/20/2018, detectives went to the defendant’s motel room in Millersville, TN, where she was interviewed regarding this case. She admitted to using the card at all the listed locations. Total loss from the credit card to the victim is $337.09.

Myra Crooks used her daughter’s identity without her permission to use her credit card to obtain money and merchandise, and was charged with identity theft and theft of property, she will have a review hearing on 03/26.


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