When A #Booster Goes #Broke: Ty’Asia Butler #Arrested

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Ty’Asia Butler, 20, was arrested on Monday for two outstanding warrants. One for boosting over $800 from a Babies ‘R’ Us, and another when the tried to pay for her oil change with a bad check.

Butler was arrested just after 2 AM on Monday morning in Wilson County on multiple outstanding warrants in Davidson County. She was then transferred to Nashville for booking just after noon yesterday.

One of her warrants was for her role in a theft from Babies ‘R’ Us, when Ty’Asia Butler and Ketarra Edmonds went into the retailer on Gallatin Pk, and walked out the door with $846 of merchandise. Her identity was confirmed via survellience video, and an arrest warrant was issued. She was charged with theft < $1000 for this incident.

Her other open warrant from a visit to the Jiffy Lube on S Gallatin Pk. Ty’Asia Butler had her vehicle serviced at the location, and attempted to pay with a check that had insufficient funds. She was given multiple opportunities to return and pay the $81 for the services she received, but she declined to do so. She was charged with theft of services for this incident.

She was given a $1500 bond, which she made with some assistance, and will appear in court on 04/02/18.

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