When A #Booster Goes #Broke: Ty’Asia Butler #Arrested

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Ty’Asia Butler, 20, was arrested on Monday for two outstanding warrants. One for boosting over $800 from a Babies ‘R’ Us, and another when the tried to pay for her oil change with a bad check.

Butler was arrested just after 2 AM on Monday morning in Wilson County on multiple outstanding warrants in Davidson County. She was then transferred to Nashville for booking just after noon yesterday.

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One of her warrants was for her role in a theft from Babies ‘R’ Us, when Ty’Asia Butler and Ketarra Edmonds went into the retailer on Gallatin Pk, and walked out the door with $846 of merchandise. Her identity was confirmed via survellience video, and an arrest warrant was issued. She was charged with theft < $1000 for this incident.

Her other open warrant from a visit to the Jiffy Lube on S Gallatin Pk. Ty’Asia Butler had her vehicle serviced at the location, and attempted to pay with a check that had insufficient funds. She was given multiple opportunities to return and pay the $81 for the services she received, but she declined to do so. She was charged with theft of services for this incident.

She was given a $1500 bond, which she made with some assistance, and will appear in court on 04/02/18.

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