Woman attacks husband for overcooking food – throws plates, slashes tires. Shunderia Ashley #Arrested

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Shunderia (Garlington) Ashley was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after she attacked her husband for overcooking food. Here’s how it played out, according to court documents.

Per an affidavit, Shunderia Ashley got into an argument with her her husband on March 18th, because he had overcooked some food. The victim states that Shunderia began destroying dishes & a kitchen table in their home, before she grabbed a knife and began to chase him around the apartment, knife in hand, trying to attack him with it.

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The husband says Shunderia then chased him upstairs into one of the bedrooms and threw a plate at him that he was able to dodge, and it hit the television instead, causing damage to the TV. She then started throwing his belongings into the street of the apartment complex. He says she then was in such a rage that she then took the knife and slashed all four tire of her own car in the fit.

Shunderia would tell police that the husband choked her and punched her in the face, and even slashed her tires to prevent her from leaving, but officers did not find her story credible stating that “it was determined that Shunderia was indeed the primary aggressor of this incident” as she had no signs that would support anyone had assaulted her, however it was apparent that she had clear and convincing intent on harming her husband, per the officer’s report.

MNPD assisted the husband in obtaining warrants and an order of protection. Shunderia Ashley was taken into custody and bond was set at $5,000. She will appear in court on 03/23/18.

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