“You’re gonna find it, just take me to jail” – Marijuana grow room discovered – Whites Creek Pk

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Late Friday afternoon, Department of Children’s Services requested that MNPD accompany them to a Whites Creek PK address in reference to a child welfare check. While at the residence, police received verbal consent from the resident, Joshua Hernandez, to search the residence.

During the search, the defendant suddenly stated “you’ re going to find it, just take me to jail” at which point the defendant opened the door to a room that contained a fully operational marijuana grow. The room contained fifteen (15) marijuana plants all with viable root systems as well as several components used to grow the marijuana plants such as grow lights, power ballasts and a grow tent. The defendant openly admitted to selling marijuana to friends in order to make ends meet.

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Also during the search, a RG brand .32 caliber revolver was found next to Joshua Hernandez’s bed. The revolver was loaded and ready to fire. The defendant stated that the revolver was left at the house when he moved in. Hernandez was allowed to make a phone call, and during this conversation, he was overheard saying “the police found my gun” and admitted to the person on the phone that he knew he wasn’t supposed to have it. Hernandez is a convicted felon.

Hernandez was charged with paraphernalia ($2,500 bond), Manufacturing a controlled substance SCH VI ($10,000 bond), felon in possession of a weapon ($10,000 bond), and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony ($10,000 bond). He posted a $32,500 bond via Rader and will appear in court on 04/06/18.

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