Danterion Darden kidnaps, assaults, & strangles girlfriend – for ordering the wrong pizza. #Arrested

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Danterion D Darden, 18, is in a Nashville jail this morning on a $101,000 bond after he physically drug his girlfriend (and mother of his child) through the mud and into his vehicle and held her against her will (kidnapping). In addition, he assaulted her at a West Nashville pizza hut, strangled her while in the car, and threatened her with a taser. All of this, because he says that she ordered the wrong pizza.

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The 18 year old and the victim are in a dating relationship and have a child in common. On April 2nd, MNPD received a phone call from the victim’s sister, altering police that the victim was being held against her will in a vehicle, by her boyfriend, Danterion Darden.

Police were able to locate the vehicle on Batavia Street, and followed it to 40th Ave N & Walter S. Davis Blvd. Once the vehicle was stopped, the victim ran away from the vehicle, and was clearly in distress and scared for her life.

Danterion Darden surrendered himself and was taken into custody at that point. According to the victim, Danterion Darden became ‘enraged’ after she ordered the wrong pizza from the West End Pizza Hut. She was initially assaulted at the pizza hut because she ordered the wrong pizza, and was refusing to eat it.

Once they got in the car to leave, she says he strangled her while in the vehicle. He then drove around, and at one point she was able to get outside the car, and told Danterion Darden that she did not want to be in the car with him anymore. At this point, Darden dragged her through the mud and into the vehicle, leaving mud stains on her sweatpants that were consistent with being dragged.

Per the report, Danterion Darden then told the victim that she could not go anywhere, and they were going to live together, and turned on a taser and threatened her with it, if she moved while in the car.

The MNPD investigation into this incident reveals that the defendant confined the victim unlawfully so as to interfere substantially with her liberty. Additionally, the defendant terrorized the victim with a taser and also strangled her. Also, the victim had bruising consistent with strangulation around her neck, per the MNPD report.

Darden is charged with:

  • Assault, Aggravated – Strangulation – Int/Kn (Felony, $50,000 Bond)
  • LICENSE, DRIVING ON SUSPENDED LICENSE (misdemeanor, $1,000 Bond)

He remains in jail on a $101,000 bond and will appear in court on 04/05/18 for a bond review hearing.

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