Details of MNPD Officer Jason Wilkerson’s Felony Aggravated Assault Charge

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On April 15, the MNPD released a simple statement, and a press photo of their officer that was arrested for aggravated assault. Almost every news outlet simply ran the provided press photo and the identical provided statement from the MNPD. After multiple requests we have finally received the arrest affidavit and details of the felony aggravated assault he is charged with.

Wilkerson has been decommissioned and is currently assigned to desk duty with the MNPD. He will appear in court on May 30th, and is currently out on a $6,500 bond. Below are the details of the arrest affidavit:


Affiant (arresting officer) makes oath that on above date, affiant responded to Lakepoint Road in reference to an assault between 2 neighbors, Upon arrival, affiant made contact with the complainant, who advised the issue was on Newport Place. Upon arrival, affiant made contact with Jason Wilkerson, who advised he was assaulted. Affiant then made contact with Robert Gray, III, who stated that they were hanging out at his house and they were all drinking alcohol heavily. A verbal argument began and all the neighbors left, except Jason Wilkerson and his wife. A verbal argument then began between Jason Wilkerson and Robert Gray.

Jason Wilkerson and his wife were asked to leave. While leaving Jason Wilkerson accidentally let Robert Gray’s dog out. When Robert Gray went to retrieve his dog, Mr Wilkerson “got away from his wife” and began to attack  Robert Gray.  Jason Wilkerson grabbed Robert Gray by the throat and began to strangle him and strike him in the throat. Robert Gray had scratches on his neck, hands, and face, and his voice was hoarse. Jason Wilkerson had scratches on his face. Affiant determined Mr. Wilkerson to be the primary aggressor. Therefore, Jason Wilkerson was charged with felony aggravated assault.

Below is the MNPD Official Statement:


Central Precinct Sergeant Jason Wilkerson has been decommissioned and assigned to desk duty as the result of his arrest on Sunday by the La Vergne Police Department on a charge of aggravated assault.

The charge stems from an alleged verbal argument between Wilkerson and a male friend that turned physical.  Both Wilkerson and the alleged victim reside in La Vergne.

Wilkerson, 37, is a 15-year MNPD veteran who supervised the Central Precinct’s Crime Suppression Unit of undercover detectives.  The police department’s Office of Professional Accountability is conducting an administrative investigation of the circumstances that led to Wilkerson’s arrest.



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