East Nashville Dirt Bikes & ATVs: 1 arrested while dozens flee #615BikeLife Walter Moss #Arrested

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Several times a week you’ll find members of #615BikeLife ‘terrorizing’ the streets of East Nashville. Despite multiple reports to police, they almost always disappear before anything can be done. On Tuesday, there was one exception, as MNPD arrested Walton ‘Walter’ Eugene Moss, II, known for his yellow ATV and very specific helmet.

On Tuesday afternoon, at 5:45 PM, MNPD observed a group of black males riding dirt bikes and a yellow ATV northbound on Gallatin Pk, while also receiving multiple calls about the group, as they had been seen driving recklessly on several streets, and nearly caused several accidents, per police reports.

Police attempted to stop the males by activating emergency lights and sirens, but they all refused to stop and fled from police on Gallatin Pk. Police observed the male on the yellow ATV was wearing a matte black “WW2 German style” helmet, and black jeans.

Dispatch put out a county wide BOLO over east air, and Officer Leiser in his unmarked unit observed the group headed southbound on Dickerson Pk. He observed Walter Moss, the driver of the yellow ATV,  stop and give money to a homeless individual, and continued to follow them until they stopped at 2719 Jefferson St. Moss was observed loading his yellow ATV into the bed of a truck, and was taken into custody. All the other suspects fled the location.

Walton Moss is charged with:

  • Driving on Revoked License
  • Reckless Driving
  • Evading Arrest – Motor Vehicle

He was released on the pretrial program in lieu of a $3500 bond and will appear in court on 04/20/18.


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