East Nashville teen successfully buys $6,000 in giftcards with ‘Motion Picture Money’ from Kroger

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Dyquan Anthony Collins, 18, was arrested at Caycee Homes on Tuesday on an outstanding warrant for felony criminal simulation after he successfully passed off over $6,000 in ‘motion picture money’ as cash to buy various gift cards at Kroger on Charlotte Pk.

The warrant comes from a December 5th transaction, where Dyquan  Anthony Collins went into Kroger located at 5705 Charlotte Pike and purchased $6,000 worth of gift cards and presented the cashier $5,000 in counterfeit money as payment.

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The counterfeit bills (50 of them) were $100 denominations and they each had the words,”Replica” on the front as well as, “This note is not legal, it is to be used for motion pictures”. On the back of the counterfeit bills were the words, “This is a replica”.

Kroger was at a financial loss of $6,000 due to the gift cards being purchased with the counterfeit money. The Kroger cashier’s drawer was short and had the counterfeit money from the defendant’s purchase inside. The Kroger cashier was terminated due to this incident.

Dyquan Collins was charged with criminal simulation on the outstanding warrant, and given a $7500 bond on that charge. At the time of his arrest yesterday he also had 3.3 grams of cannabis on him and was charged with possession, and a $2500 bond on it.

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