Ex 49ers Player Quinton Patton arrested for attempting to drive over ex-girlfriend w/Dodge Challenger

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Quinton Patton, 27, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, and currently a free agent in the NFL, was arrested in Nashville on Wednesday for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, when police say he attempted to run over the mother of his child, twice. Patton says he was “just trying to scare her”.

According to court records, the victim and Quinton Patton have a child together, and on Wednesday Patton was visiting their daughter at the mother’s apartment in Nashville. According to the victim, they got into a verbal argument about how he was speaking to their daughter. The victim said Quinton Patton became extremely upset with her and said he was going to damage her car that was parked in the parking lot of her apartment complex.

The victim said she followed the defendant outside of her apartment and watched him go into the trunk of his vehicle (White Dodge Challenger), grab a wooden stick, walk toward her car (Gray Chevy Sonic) and begin to hit it. She then asked the defendant why he was so upset and he didn’t say anything in response.

Quinton Patton then got into his vehicle, revved the engine, and drove at her while she was standing in front of a stairwell. The victim said she was barely able to move out of the way in time and Patton backed his car up and drove away. The victim said she immediately went to her car to check the damage and as she was walking across the parking lot the defendant returned in his car and tried to hit her with hit.

An independent witness stated he was sitting in his living room when he heard shouting and loud banging coming from the parking lot.  He looked out his window and observed the defendant standing next to a gray vehicle with a wooden stick in his hand. He saw the defendant enter a white car and attempted to run over the victim who was standing at the end of a stairwell. The witness said the defendant drove away and he observed the victim walking toward the gray vehicle and as she was getting closer to the car the defendant returned in his vehicle and drove toward the victim as if he was trying to run her over. The witness said the victim had to jump in between to other vehicles so she would not be hit by the defendant’s car.

Detective Manquero read Quinton Patton his Miranda warnings and conducted a recorded interview with him. The defendant detailed the incident as follows: Quinton Patton admitted he came over to see his daughter who lives with his ex-girlfriend from high school (victim). The defendant said while he was at the victim’s residence his daughter was telling him that she did not want to hang out with him or go with him on this upcoming Friday.

Patton said he asked the victim why their daughter is acting this way and his statement lead to a verbal argument. Patton said during the argument he threatened to damage the victim’s car and he went to his vehicle, grabbed a wooden stick from the trunk, and started hitting the victim’s car with it. Patton then stated he got inside his vehicle (White Dodge Challenger TN tag K6817Y) and drove toward the victim as she was standing near a stairwell. The defendant said he “wasn’t going to hit the victim” and was “just trying to scare her”. The victim’s vehicle had obvious damage to it, (dents and scratches).

Quinton Patton is charged with felony aggravated assault w/deadly weapon, and vandalism. He posted a $4,000 bond via 1st Stop Bonding, and was released to his Beryl Drive address. He will appear in court on 04/23/18.

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