Felon w/guns & drugs: Andre Zontell Petty #Arrested

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Andre Zontell Petty was driving his green Chevy Camaro while speeding across the Jefferson Street Bridge. Upon contact with MNPD, Petty presented a Tennessee I.D. card. A records check revealed his license status to be revoked. While MNPD was speaking with the Petty, detectives asked for consent to search his vehicle. He gave consent to a search and advised he had a handgun under his driver seat. During the search, detectives located a black Ruger SR40c .40 caliber handgun with a round in the chamber under the passenger seat, accessible to the driver.

The pistol did not have a magazine loaded in it, however, two loaded magazines were located on the driver side. One magazine contained 10 rounds and the other magazine contained 12 rounds. Also during the search, detectives located marijuana shake under both the driver and passenger seat. A pack of cigarillos were located in the center compartment near the gear shift.

Located in the trunk, was a plastic container with three separate compartments, all containing marijuana with a total weight of 11 grams. A large Escali scale was located in the trunk of the vehicle as well. The defendant was a convicted felon out of Giles County and was in possession of a firearm and marijuana. He also had two probation violation warrants out of Giles County.

Andre Petty was charged with:

  • Driving on revoked license
  • Weapon – felon possession
  • Possession
  • Paraphernalia
  • Probation Violations Giles Co. (did not extradite)

Petty posted a $10K bond via Jenkins, and will appear in court on 04/20/2018.

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