From Tinder to Terror: Dacota Echols Arrested

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Dacota Colby Echols, 30, was arrested Saturday night after he met a female on Tinder less than a month ago, went on 2 dates, and refused to take no for an answer. Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, he thought she “owed him time” and threatened to assault her and her friends, if she wouldn’t meet up to see him. She went to the police instead, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The victim met Dacota Echols on Tinder the weekend of March 17th, and they went on two dates that weekend. On the second date, the victim clearly told Dacota Echols she was not interested in seeing him anymore, because he made her feel uncomfortable.

After that second date, where the victim told Dacota she didn’t want any more contact, he found her on Facebook and began to message her, and she told him to stop messaging her, as he made her uncomfortable, and blocked him on social media.

Three weeks later, this past Wednesday (04/11), Dacota Echols began to call the victim 13 consecutive times until she answered. When she answered the phone, Echols told her that “she owed him time” and wanted to meet with her at Belmont University, where she is a student. The victim refused and told him she did not want any contact with him.

Dacota Echols then told the victim that if she did not meet him he would “beat her and anyone she was with” if he saw her in public. The victim was in fear of bodily injury, due to the relative size of Echols, and felt harassed due to the 13 consecutive calls after telling him multiple times she wanted no contact.

We obtained a copy of text message conversation from this week between Dacota and another female, that met him on a different dating app, POF (Plenty of Fish):


Echols is charged with harassment, and is currently jailed in lieu of a $1,000 bond. He will have a review hearing on 04/17/18.

This wasn’t, by far, the first time Echols has been in trouble for harassing others, especially females. The night after this interaction, another girl claims he called her several times, as well. He also arrested in January for violating an order of protection, and in 2012 & 2008 on assault charges. He has DUI and marijuana related charges in Rutherford County from a few years ago.

In Wilson County he has a harassment charge from 2010 from a female (KS), a violation of his bond on that charge for again contacting the same victim a few months later prior to his court date, and a harassment charge from another female victim (SW). While ALL of those charges were dismissed if he paid all the fees, which he did, so for $894 he got away with it. WE do have his booking photos from those charges, below:


2010 Booking Photo: Dacota Echols
2011 Booking Photo: Dacota Echols

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Some of the women that have met him on dating applications have taken to making memes of his photos, such as the one below, displayed on social media, found during research for this story:

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