Kohl’s shoplifter arrested after boyfriend ID’s her: Chasity Haynie #Arrested

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Chasity Haynie and her boyfriend were at the Kohl’s in Hermitages Monday night, when she thought it would be a great idea to steal about $100 worth of merchandise, including a pair of underwear which she stuffed in her bra. Kohl’s loss prevention staff alerted the MNPD to assist in the apprehension.

As MNPD officers were arriving, Chasity Haynie and her boyfriend were running from the store personnel, towards the baseball fields on Jackson Downs Blvd. As they were approached, they disappeared into the greenway along the west side of the baseball fields. Officer Jessica Johann drove her patrol car to the trail head and continued the chase on foot. She finally spotted the pair running down the trail and shouted “Stop, police!”, however the two continued to run.

A short time later, officers located Haynie’s boyfriend at the water’s edge by himself, and he gave up the name & identifying information for his girlfriend, who was no where in sight. Officers were able to locate her photograph in QMNI and compare that photograph to the images from the store security video.

As officers now had her name and address, and with the knowledge that she also had an outstanding warrant, they located her at her Polo Park apartment, where she was taken into custody without incident. At the time of arrest, a pair of underwear with a Kohl’s price tag was still in her bra upon a search of her person.

Chasity Haynie was charged with misdemeanor theft & evading arrest. Her outstanding warrant was for a probation violation from a case last year where she was found with crystal meth in a vehicle with a large amount of cash. She has a $5,000 bond and will appear in court on 04/05/18.

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