Lady accompanies man to his hotel, steals credit cards, Spends $9800, he remembers nothing.

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Eugenia Sierra Gordon, 31, was arrested Friday, after an investigation that found she accompanied as man back to his hotel room in Nashville, stole his identity, his credit cards, his iPhone and spent over $9,800 the next day.

On the night of March 12th, Kent (the victim) met a female in a downtown Nashville bar, and brought her back to his hotel room. The victim does not remember falling asleep, but work up at 12:30 AM and the female was gone. Also gone was his iPhone, wallet, and credit cards. All had been stolen from the room.

After an MNPD investigation, the female would be identified as Eugenia Sierra Gordon, when a search warrant was served on her home on Walnut St. That search returned the victim’s driver’s license and 7 credit cards. Gordon admitted she was the female he met downtown, and to using his credit cards the next day.

Here’s what she spent:

Gordon is charged with 7 counts identity theft, 7 counts credit card fraud, and 1 count of theft (iPhone). She will appear in court on 04/26/18. 10 of the counts are felonies.


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