Man passed out behind wheel on train tracks, blows a .212 BAC: Andrew Nutter

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Andrew Thomas Nutter was arrested just before 3 AM on Friday morning, as police arrived to him being found in his vehicle attached to a tow truck that was pulling him off the train tracks near Douglas & McFerrin. Nutter was passed out drunk behind the wheel during the entire process and had no idea he was being towed off active train tracks.

According to police reports, MNPD officers were dispatched to Douglas & McFerrin after a passerby called in stating someone was passed out in a red Toyota Corolla in front of the train tracks. When officers arrived, they found Andrew Nutter passed out behind the wheel on the train tracks and a tow truck was moving the vehicle off the tracks for safety. Andrew nutter never woke up during this entire process.

Once officers were able to wake up Nutter, he was confused and did no know what was going on, and could not initially remember where he had come from. He was unsteady on his feet, and had slurred speech. He stated he had been drinking beer for the last few hours and “probably drank about 6 beers”.

Andrew Nutter agreed to a breath test, and blew a BAC of 0.212, nearly 3x the legal limit. He is charged with DUI, and will appear in court on 04/27/18. He was released under the new pre-trial release program guidelines in lieu of a $500 bond.

In 2013, Nutter was charged with a DUI after his vehicle hit the post office fence at Donelson & Elliston, and he was also found asleep behind the wheel, with his vehicle up on the curb. An open bottle of liquor was found in his car, and he blew a 0.09 at that time. It was reduced in a plea deal to reckless driving, with 6 months probation and a $250 fine.

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