Margenia Armstrong: You can’t just slash his tires. #Arrested

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Margenia Armstrong probably wasn’t enjoying 04/20 the way she intended, because just after midnight on Friday morning, she was booked into jail. As it turns out, slashing the tires of your baby daddy wasn’t the smartest idea she ever had. Especially when she’s mad about him not giving her money, as now he has tires to pay to repair.

On Thursday night, Margenia L Armstrong was dropping off her child at the father’s house (her ex-boyfriend), when the topic of child support came up. According to court documents, Margenia became agitated regarding the collection of child support, and a verbal argument occurred. According to both the victim and a witness, Margenia left the house and returned with “more people”

Upon her return to the baby’s father’s house (and her ex-boyfriend), Margenia allegedly tried to get into the house, but never made entry, although the screen door was damaged in the incident. In addition, both the victim and a witness report that Margenia cut the tires of the victim’s 1998 Mercedes, and struck it several times causing dents to the body of the vehicle, and breaking a mirror.

Under Miranda, Margenia admitted the screen door was damaged but would not take full responsibility, and then exercised her right to remain silent, refusing to answer any further questions.

Per the officer’s report, Margenia was determined to be the primary aggressor, as the verbal incident was over, and she later returned to escalate the situation. The total damage included a screen door, the Mercedes, and a table. There were multiple witnesses that confirmed that Margenia did commit the vandalism.

Margenia was booked on felony vandalism charges, and her bond was set at $2,500. She bonded out via Able bonding, and will appear in court on 05/01/18.

This was not the first time Margenia’s anger has gotten the best of her. She has a prior arrest for harassment and assault, two different incidents, one of which was also against another male, where the threatened him and sent harassing text messages to him.

Of course, who can forget this fight between Margenia (in blue) and Charmika…

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