Nashville Chili’s server posts receipt with racial slur “I Don’t Tip Ni…..” from customer.

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Jamese Adams is a server at Chili’s inside Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. On Friday evening, Adams posted an image of a credit card receipt that she says a customer signed and left for her, containing a racial slur, as seen below:

So today THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! This happened! The hardest thing about being a server is this! It’s already bad enough that I’m judged everyday because I’m one of three African American servers that work here. Often I’m the only one( African American Queen)working weekday nights and I hear all the time people say that they don’t wanna sit with me and address me as that black girl. I can’t wait to get my degree because I can’t deal with serving anymore!

Adams posted the image of the full receipt to social media, which contained the phrase “I don’t tip niggers!” written at the top of the receipt, in the same color ink as the signature line of the signed credit card receipt. This happened on the day before her birthday (04/28). Adams says she’s one of only three African American servers that work at this location, and deals with discrimination frequently, such as people not wanting to sit in her section, and addressing her as ‘that black girl’.

Jamese Adams, Chili’s server

Here is the full receipt she posted online, containing the racial slur:

At time of publication the local Chili’s management was unable to provide comment, we will update with any response from their corporate management.


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