Nashville Model Forrest Matlock allegedly assaults his ex-boyfriend, tosses him into bushes, beats him.

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Nashville model Forrest Matlock was taken into custody on Tuesday on an open domestic violence warrant.

On March 29th, Forrest Matlock’s ex-boyfriend went over to Matlock’s Joplin Ct residence to “drink and party”. At some point during the night, as the ex-boyfriend was attempting to leave, Matlock’s brother told the victim he could not leave, because he had hidden the victim’s purse.

Per the police report: Matlock’s ex-boyfriend’s (the victim), and Matlock’s brother then began arguing and physically over the hidden purse, and were eventually broken up by others at the party. Forrest Matlock then pushed his ex-boyfriend out of the house, over the railing, and into the bushes.

The victim still needed his purse before he left, so he went to around to the door and asked if he could get his things. The victim told them that if they would not let him inside then he would kick in the door. They refused to let him in, so the victim kicked in the Matlock’s door. The victim stated that this is when his ex-boyfriend, Forrest Matlock, his brother, and two of this other friends stopped him at the door and then beat him up. The victim had visible bruising and swelling on his face, and a brace around his knee for a bruised knee cap.

A warrant was issued for Matlock’s arrest, and he was served with that warrant yesterday. He is charged with domestic assault, and will appear in court on 04/09/18.

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