Nashville woman shows up to DUI probation appointment drunk, blows .211 in office.

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Susan Hammer, 60, was arrested on April 10th for her 3rd DUI after she crashed her vehicle on Bell Rd, and was released on April 13th with bond conditions that specifically state “defendant is prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol, and defendant shall be arrested for any offense”

On Friday, April 27th, Susan Hammer showed up to her DUI probation meeting at 110 James Robertson Parkway at around 2:15 PM. She was reported to reek of alcohol, have bloodshot and water eyes, slurred speech, and was having trouble standing.

The probation office immediately requested a breathalyzer, and she blew a .211 (nearly 3x the legal limit for driving) while at the probation office.

Susan Hammer was arrested for public intoxication and violations of conditional release, booked into jail at 4:47 PM, and given a $200 bond. Just under 4 hours later, at 8:35 PM, she was released on the pre-trial program without paying any bond, despite already violating bond conditions hours before, and this being her 3rd DUI. Hammer will appear in court on 05/18/18 to answer to these charges… unless she shows up to probation drunk again.

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