Thomas Allard arrested for stealing $4800 from Athens Family Restaurant

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Thomas Allard was arrested just after lunch on Tuesday, for stealing $4,800 from his ex-employer, Athens Family Restaurant.

According to court records, MNPD Officer Russo heard an alarm go off from Athens Family Restaurant on Saturday 04/14, and found the glass door to be shattered.  He checked to see if anyone was around that could be questioned, and the only person he found in the area was Thomas Allard, who was wearing a gray shirt with a hood and black shorts with a neon green stripe on the sides.

Allard was questioned what he was doing in the area and he stated that, “he was drinking at the bar down the street and trying to walk off his drunkness.” As he had nothing to detain him for he was not taken into custody or detained at that time.

Once the restaurant owner (victim) showed up to view the video with the officer, it was immediately noticed that a male/white wearing a gray shirt with his hood over his head also had on black shorts with a neon green stripe down the sides had broken into the business and stole $4800 from the office. Before the officer could tell the victim that he had just talked to the defendant he stated, “that’s Thomas, he used to work for me.”

On 04/17, Thomas Allard was taken into custody and charged with felony theft of property. He remains in jail on a $10,000 bond as of today.


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