Travis Reinking once told police: “People are baiting me into breaking the law” via signs, heard voices.

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Travis Reinking once told police: “People are baiting me into breaking the law” via voices, signs. Says it all started after her wrote to Taylor Swift.

From a Tazewell County Sheriff’s report on August 11, 2017:

On 08/11/ 17, at approximately 4:33 pm, Sergeant Tarby was sitting, at the intersection of RT 9 and Baer Rd. He observed a blue in color Mitsubishi pull up alongside of him. He recognized the male to be ‘Travis Reinking. He immediately exited his squad car &Travis got out of his vehicle and asked how he could go about matting a report. He asked Travis what he wanted to make a report about.

Travis stated he wanted to report that people are tapping into his computer and phone. He asked Travis who was tapping into his computer and phone. Travis advised he didn’t know but “they” were. He asked Travis why he believed someone was tapping into his computer and phone. Travis stated he knows they are because he can hear himself through their speakers when he is in an online chat room. Travis said he believes approximately 20 to 30 people are hacking into his phone and computer.

Travis said he also has been hearing unknown people outside his residence barking like dogs. He asked Travis if he knew who they were. Travis said he did not.

Travis went on to say that he is being watched by people as well. Travis explained he was at the Mouton Walmart a couple months ago and was going through the check out line. Travis said he observed a male in a black shirt with an ear mic standing near by watching him. Travis said he felt that this male was watching him and no one else. Travis said he doesn’t know who the male was. Travis explained that this all started after he started writing Taylor Swift (famous musician).

Travis stated he also believes people are baiting him into breaking the laws Travis said he was out of state and observed a van with a sign posted on it. The sign read “Don‘t steal the van”. Travis said he knew this sign was specifically for him and they were just trying to get him to steal the van. Travis said he is tired of people messing with him.

Travis appeared to be very serious and concerned while telling me what was going on. I advised Travis to call in if the people barking like dogs show up again. Travis was advised a report would be on tile.

This is an informational report only No further action is being taken.


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