[Video] Adults threaten students at Maplewood High while teacher watches in silence

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Below is a video of an incident that happened at Maplewood High School in Nashville this week, we believe on Wednesday, 04/18/18 (Audio is NSFW). From our observations of the video, a group of adults are inside the school (we believe to be parents/family of other students), and begin to verbally threaten the students with bodily harm. A teacher, who has been identified as “Mr. Jones” comes upon the last half of the altercation, can hear the threats, and never takes any action to calm down the situation, or remove the threatening parties, or alert a school resource officer.

UPDATE: Late Friday afternoon, MNPS responded to the below video, saying:

“This video shows unacceptable behavior on the part of an adult who entered Maplewood as a family member of a student. The family member properly checked into the main office, but proceeded to inappropriately address other students. The adult left the building when approached by a staff member. The school has contacted the parents of the student who was inappropriately addressed by the adult, and the school resource officer has been actively involved in this case. We have a zero tolerance policy for such behaviors. The school has banned this adult from school property for the remainder of the year. If she chooses to come onto Maplewood High School’s campus again, she will be arrested. The security of our students will always be our first priority, and we will work with our school resource officers, school security, and Maplewood administration to review this incident and our response.”

One of the people in the video has been identified as Pamela Marie Davis. It is unclear what the argument is over, but the adults are clearly heard threatening the lives and well being of the students at the school.

This appears to be Mr. Jones, who watches the last part of the incident, and appears to take no action:

If you have details of the incident, we’d love to her about it, submit an anonymous tipinbox us on facebook, tips@eastnashville.news, or call/text 615-669-TIPS.

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