Waffle House Shooter Went to Swimming Pool in Pink Woman’s Housecoat & Displayed Genitals, yelling “I’m A Man”

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In June of 2017, the Waffle House Shooter, Travis Reinking, a report was generated after he entered a public pool wearing only a pink woman’s house coat, and carrying an AR-15.

According to a police report, he “barged into the pool” wearing a pink woman’s house coat. The subject dove into the pool and then took off his house coat and was swimming in just his underwear. He was told to get out of the pool by lifeguards. The male started yelling at the lifeguards and trying to get them to light with him. I was told that the male had gotten out oft’he pool and was yelling at the lifeguards, yelling that he was a man. i was told that he then showed his genitals saying he was a man. The man later identified as Travis Reinking.

After this incident at the pool the Sheriff’s Dept was contacted by an employee of J&J Crane Co on Baer Rd. The employee told the deputy that he had a yelling match with Travis, as Travis lives in an apartment at J&J Crane. The employee said that Travis was wearing a pink woman’s house coat and had a A-15 rifle in his hand which he put into the trunk of his blue Mitsubishi and left the business. This would of been right before the pool incident. Apparently the rifle stayed in the trunk of the vehicle during the incident at the pool as no one reported anything about a weapon of any sort.

No one at the pool wanted to press charges for anything that happened at the pool so a report was not immediately
written. This is an informational report showing the state of mind of Travis Reinking.

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