2 visitors overdose while visiting patient at Vanderbilt Medical Center

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Christopher Ernest Woods & Sandra Lee Phillips were visiting a friend on the 8th floor of Vanderbilt Medical Center this week, when on Wednesday May 9th, staff found them in the room of the patient they were visiting, unresponsive and both showing signs of an apparent overdose.

Nurses and doctors immediately began treatment, and then contacted police to report the incident at 7:40 AM. While treating the male, Christopher Woods, 2 prescription bottles were found in his pockets, and turned over to police. It was immediately noticed that the pills in the bottle were different shapes, sizes, and colors, mixed together. A Vanderbilt pharmacist helped to identify the pills. While treating the female, Sandra Phillips, staff located a small bag with her that contained 15 blue pills, identified as Xanax, some of which were cut and crushed.

Christopher Woods was found with 28 x 0.5 mg Xanax tablets, 28 x 1 mg Xanax tablets,  and 48 x 15 mg Oxymorphone tablets. Located with the pill bottle was a cut section of a a straw, with powdery pill residue on the inside of the tube, matching the colors of the pills.

Both individuals were treated and held for observation, and booked into jail just after 7PM on Thursday night. Sandra Phillips was released on the pretrial program, charged with simple possession. Christopher Woods was charged with 3 counts of possession, and 1 count paraphernalia, but is being held on an out of county warrant.

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